Ziemlich viele Fehler ...


ich denke, der Brief ist echt kurz, aber wenn es so sein soll, dann ist es ja okay.

In dem Brief sind jede Menge Fehler. Ich hab mal so weit korrigiert wie ich kann, aber lass den Brief unbedingt nochmal von jemandem gegenlesen, der richtig gut Englisch kann. Ich hab auch vom Inhalt her ein bisschen was geändert, also einige Sätze gekürzt.

Dear host family,

first of all I want to thank you for taking me as an exchange student. It’s great that you give this chance to me.
I have the dream of experiencing the American way of life for three years now. I’m very interested in American culture and history, the highschool and the people.
I live together with my mum and my two cats Ginny and Martha. I love animals and especially cats very much.
My friends, my family and my cats are very important to me. After school I often meet friends or go swimming. Every second day I go jogging in the evening with a friend of mine. My family and me do a lot of things together. Besides excursions to the beach we also enjoy sitting together in the evening to play a game or watch a film. Often I visit my grandparents or my other relatives. Then I´m often surrounded by children and I enjoy being with them a lot.
I also love reading. I have just noticed that my bookshelf is too small… I like many different books. Two of my favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks and Hillary Norman.
My favorite subjects in school are English, Biology and History. Besides school I do babysitting and once did a paper route. The money I usually spend on my holidays as I love travelling. I`ve been to Denmark with my parents several times and I often visit my best friend in Switzerland. When she moved away I learned what it means not to see someone you like every day. At first it wasn’t easy but now we are even closer friends than before.

I’m looking forward to meeting you !

Greetings from Germany

Alles in allem finde ich den Brief gut Smily

Viele Grüße,


Auf diesen Beitrag gibt es eine Antwort:

Vielen Dank !

Danke für die Anmerkungen. Ich hab den brief jetzt noch einmal ein bisschen überarbeitet und hoffe dass jetzt alles gut geht. :)

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Ziemlich viele Fehler ...
Catharina P. USA 2011/12
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