Tipps und Feedback zu meinem Host Letter..

Hallo mein Name ist Fabio und ich plane als Au Pair nach Neuseeland zu gehen, hierfür ist es ja notwendig einen Brief an die Gastfamilie zu schreiben. Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr kurz Stellung zu meinem Brief nehmen könntet zudem bin ich sehr dankbar für jegliche Kritik.


Dear future Host Family.

In the following letter I would like to introduce myself, my family, my hobbies, my interests and my professional career.

Hello, my Name is Fabio XXXX, I am an 18 years old boy from the north of Germany, here I live with my family. My family consists of my mother XXXXX, my Stepdad XXXXX, my older brother XXXXX (20 y.o.) and my younger brother XXXXX (10 y.o.). My mother is an office worker for the city of Hamburg, there she works with refugees, My step dad is a police officer, my older brother works as a mechanical engineer, Kiano, my younger brother, attends to school.
The family means everything to us.

After I successfully achieved my General Certificate of Secondary Education, I decided to leave middle school to start an education. At this time I had a few childcare experiences such as an internship in the kindergarten, my younger brother, whom I love to spend time with, some babysitting experiences and a short career as coach for a basketball team. But why is this important for this letter? Well, these were the main reasons why I decided to start an education as socio-educator assistant. This is an Education where you normally visit school 3 times a week, where I also accomplished my vocational diploma, and 2 times a week your kindergarten or another place where you work with children, it is a two-year journey until you become a socio-educator assistant. The two years of my education I spend in a kindergarten with children from age 0 up to 6 year olds. The whole first year I worked with toddlers age 0 to 3, the next year I worked with the older ones age 3 to 6. My exercises were: change diaper, prepare meals and help children to eat them or just feed them, solve disputes, play, tinker, to plan projects and lead them through. At the moment until I start my New Zealand- Adventure I am working full time in the same Kindergarten, my education took place.

I would describe myself as an open-minded, reliable, inquisitive and especially honest person furthermore I am really ambitious and like to start new and exciting adventures.
In my free time I like to spend time with my younger brother, my friends and my family. Since 12 years basketball is my passion and I try to play it as often as possible moreover I really enjoy activities like callisthenics, fitness, tinker and to travel the world.

After my New Zealand Journey I want to catch up my A-Levels, after that I would like to study psychology or social education, because I think this is the best way for me to help children the most.
In my eyes this is a plan and not what I think I have to do, maybe the Au-Pair Year change my point of view that hard that I decide to do something completely different.

I think now there is only one question not answered. Why do I want to become YOUR Au-Pair?
The answer is not that difficult, it is a combination of my passion and my interests. To take care of children became a passion of mine, I like to spend time with them, see them growing up and help them in good as well as in bad situations. I also really enjoy the thought of being an older brother for your children in a country I don't know, this is the possibility for me to be an active member in your family and get to know the New Zealand culture. A dream of mine is to visit your beautiful country with and / or without you. Of course another aspect is the chance to spend a year in an English-speaking country to improve my language skills.
For my time abroad there is only one wish on my mind; as I said above, I want to become an active member in your family, so I am not only the Au-Pair maybe something more like an older brother for your children.

Thank you very much to spend some time reading my letter that means very much to me.
I am looking forward to getting to know you.

Yours sincerely

Tipps und Feedback zu meinem Host Letter..
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