Student requirements

I would suggest you contact your local Justice office and ask.
In Ireland, there is no specific requirement for additional insurances or cover. However, most people would have liability insurance on their property, which would cover visitors and exchange students providing they are NOT running a business.
One of the agencies I work with in Ireland insist if you take more than 3 students at a time that you have additional public liability cover. They are quite strict ( while others I have worked with (Midland, Interstudies) don't stipulate any such requirement.
Most (if not all) my students arriving from France, Italy or Brazil do carry some kind of insurance, for breakages or damage, plus standard medical cover and also death insurance.
I guess it really does depend on how serious a level you want to operate a business. As a hobby I guess nothing is needed. If a growing and focused business, then definitely consider some kind of cover.

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