Religion in Kanada! :]

Hey, bin zwar noch nicht in Kanada, aber hier mal ein Auszug aus ner Info meiner Orga über die Religion und die Leute da:

The majority of Canadians are Christian. According to the 1991 census,
12.3 million Canadians identified themselves as Catholics and
9.8 million as Protestants. Other religions include Judaism, Islam,
Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism."

"British Columbia
The culture of the people of British Columbia has evolved from the
traditions of the people who came to the region. They are friendly
people who enjoy the opportunities and benefits that “BC” has to offer
with it’s diverse landscape and terrain."

Hoffe das hilft dir ein bisschen, wenn auch nicht so viel!
GlG annika

Annika H. Kanada EF 2009/10
Religion in Kanada! :]
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