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nur rechtschreibung

Also ich hab deinen Text jetzt nur wegen Rechtschreibung überflogen, weil ich leider nicht so viel Zeit habe, aber da sind auf jeden Fall noch Fehler von der Bedeutung her und so drinnen. Hoffe ich konnte trotzdem helfen :)

Dear host family,
My name is xxx, as you might already know I am xxx years old and I live in xxx, Germany
I decided to make a high school semester only a couple of weeks ago but I am sure that it was the right decision for my future, and yet I am hyper excited to get the chance to report you about me and my life in Germany..so here we go!
Xxx is a big city with 400000inhabitants. My school is right in the center of it. After school there are lots of free time activities to do (shopping in the mall, swimming in the city pool).
But to come back to your (hopefully) future host daughter. Well it is a kind of tricky to describe your own characteristics, I was quite unsure what I should write exactly and maybe I am still.
Nevertheless, I think we can leave it like this, not perfect but personal.
I would describe myself as an open minded self-confident person who tries to make the best out of every situation. I search for adventures and challenges where-and whenever I can. I love meeting new people (especially the nice ones) and to learn new things including culture, languages but particularly sports. I am a huge fan of nearly all kind of sports. My favourite is playing soccer in my boys team, besides I also like to go paddling with my class, kayaking, hiking, skiing or playing table tennis in our garden. Another big part of my life is music. It is the way I can express my feelings and thoughts. In a special way it relaxes me, to play my guitar and sing helps me to cope with difficult situations. At feasts the whole family love to sing together that makes a lot of fun to the younger members of our family. They are all very proud of me and my sister. My older sister xxx is already xxx years old. She lives almost 500km away from home on a farm, but that’s not a problem anymore since I can visit her whenever I want to. I really enjoy life on the farm, it’s cool. The farm is beautiful with its little lake, its animals and the best of all: its warm delicious food for lunch (:-D).
The work is hard, furthermore I consider to help with the harvest and to care for the animals to "gain" myself the board and lodging, although it is not my duty. My mum is an educator at a bilingual kindergarten (spanish-german). Sometimes, after school I eat with the kids read books to them or play the guitar. Believe me or not but they are my most thankful audience till now. Ok, let’s be honest I’ve never had a different audience. But what I was just up to say is that I can improve my school Spanish with the kids (good side effect)
In our free time my family like to go camping. I am the rare kind of children who is more interested in camping than going in a hotel. Yeah, I used to be a city kid if you have a look on my daily surrounding but the camping trips taught me to value nature. I learned to fulfill the tasks I got with responsibility, to be offensive in front of new people and to integrate myself in other societies. Sadly... were nearly done with the letter, there are only two questions left: why do I want to be an exchange student? In addition to, why I want to go to Norway?
There are some reasons that stay the same within almost every exchange student. As a kid you are eager to know everything and to do research as much as you can. That’s children nature. We are willing to learn, if it’s a new lifestyle or a language. Of course it is also because of the fun... or because daily life gets boring..? I am just joking! But why did I choose Norway? So, my parents planed a trip to Scandinavia. They adore the breath taking nature and the close relationship between people, culture and nature. That was exactly according to my taste. From then on my dream was made and it just couldn’t get out of my head. Unfortunately my parents plans were crossed by my mums holiday time. So I had to handle it myself. Now, here I am telling you about my story and giving the best by making you a part of my dream. I would be very thankful if you would help me to live this dream.

It needs much courage from both. The student and the host family both don’t know what to expect but you know one cannot be without the other so we have to fix it together!
I tried my best now it is up to you if I hear from you soon, best greetings from Germany

Yours, xxx

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nur rechtschreibung
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