Noch ein Host family letter :)

Ich fände es total toll wenn ihr mal über meinen Host Family letter drüberlesen könntet und mir Verbesserungsvorschläge dalassen könntet.
Dankeschön :)

Dear Hostfamily,
Through this letter I’d like to introduce myself and give you the chance to get to know me better.
I really love reading, listening to music, being outside and trying out new things. I play the violon for nearly 9 years now and I am supporting my brother with the training in our local fencing club. I started fencing at the age of 9. I did a lot of sports so far, right now fencing and taekwondo, and I want to try out more because there are so many things I never did before, for example snowboarding. My favourite books are the Harry Potter series. I spend a lot of time reading and mostly I read Harry Potter because the style of JK Rowling is just amazing! My favourite music is Pop and Rock. I love One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Kings of Leon and Daniel Adams-Ray. I really love the music of a German music duo, Fewjar, as well.
My family is really close and we live in a house with a tiny garden in Southern Germany. My mum and dad are both 46, my older brother is 18 and my little sister is 10. In our holidays we enjoy going hiking in Italy or Austria. Sometimes we go to the island of Sylt (I know, the name has to be really strange to Swedish people) in Northern Germany. My dad is a really sporty person and he loves to go trailrunning. My mum prefers regular jogging. We have nearly every meal together, but sometimes we eat separated (it’s especially dinner we don’t have always together).
I don’t have many close friends, my two best friends are called Manon and Konstantin. I love to go to the cinema with them, meeting in the city, going to a restaurant or just hanging out together to talk about random things. With Manon I love to go out with our longboards, too.
It would mean the world to me if you decided to be my host family for 2016/2017. It’s been my dream for ever to spend a year abroad in Sweden. My skills in Swedish are so far quite low, I am able to introduce myself and naming some things. I really love the Swedish language and I am going to try my best to learn it as fast as possible.

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vom 17.1.2016 22:15
A. H.

host family letter

Ich finde deinen Text echt gut! Ich würde nur noch ein paar Absätze einbauen damit das ganze etwas strukturierter wirkt.

Linnea S. Schweden DFSR 2016/17
Noch ein Host family letter :)
A. H.
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