In the USA host families do not get any money. In Ireland they do, which is okay as long as it is a reasonable amount, because the living costs are high in Ireland, but host families shouldn't get actually paid for it and/or do it, because of money.
I know here in my town alone, host families, who are only doing it for money and so are very bad host families, who change to lingooninja to get more money out of it. The host families see the students as money not as people. It is just buisness.

An alle Eltern: nimmt nicht diese Orga, viele Gastfamilien sind nur hinterm Geld her.

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And I should add host families do not have to drive the students to school.

You're correct!

You're correct, in the USA host families don't get paid a salary, BUT, they do get 401K tax breaks which mean if they host a student they get a reduction in the tax bill, which in a roundabout way of receiving a salary.

I am Canadian myself, and in Canada we have a similar set up.

In Ireland however, there is no such tax break. And you're right the cost of living in Ireland is much higher.

The company I'm hosting for now and coordinating is a new company owned 100% by Irish host families, not some global organisation focussed just on profits. Much of the money a student pays for the program gets reinvested in to student welfare through the host family, school uniforms, school books, school transport, school annual fee and day trips. The money paid to host families really just covers cost of room, heat, food, light, water, wifi, wear & tear. You could never get rich hosting students, that's for sure! :) :) :)

I did a cultural exchange to France in 1992, and remember how dreadful it was. There were maybe 30 of us in a tiny village in the South of France. We attended a day school for French lessons, but in the evenings and free time there was no real coordinated activities. I don't think anyone in our group smoked, but couldn't believe the number of French kids who did! Even the hosts I stayed with didn't seem to mind their son Jean smoking. However never put me off being a host, and myself and my ex husband enjoyed it. Now I do it alone.

While Ireland remains a top destination for students to come, I do suspect this industry will change because of Brexit, Euro crisis, terrorism, global changes.

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Anna M. Irland into 2016/17
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