Mein Dear Host Family letter für das PPP Stipendium

Hallo zusammen,

Jetzt wo die anfängliche Vorfreude über das PPP Stipendium vorüber ist, wird es Zeit, sich über die Formalitäten Gedanken zu machen.

Ich musste jetzt einen ´Dear Host familiy letter`schreiben und bin ziemlich am überlegen ob mein Brief denn so auch wirklich gut ist denk

Es wäre echt Hammer wenn ihr euch meinen Brief mal anschauen könntet und mir ein paar Vorschläge und Feedback geben könntet.

Hier ist mein Brief:

Dear Host family,
First of all I want to thank you for reading my letter and for your interest in me. But now, let me introduce myself: My name is Michelle Miller and I´m currently 15 years old, but on the 8th of April I´m going to be 16. Together with my dad, who is 56 years old and a toolmaker in a company not far from here, I live in Ruppertshofen, a village nearby Stuttgart which is in the south of Germany. My brother is a university student in Tubingen, where he studies philosophy and rhetoric. As a comedian he earns his money and my dad and I are enjoying his shows and listening to his stories. He is 29 years old and moved to Stuttgart when he was 20. Sadly my mum died in 2009, when I was 8 years old. Now my dad and I have to do the house hold. My chores are for example cleaning my room, and sometimes the bathroom, and vacuuming the house. On weekends I like to cook meals for my family.
I really love animals and wouldn`t mind going out for walks with a dog or looking after a cat.
I´m in 10th grade and I am on my last year of Highschool and also the most important one, because I´m going to have my exams, which will decide about my future life. But I don´t want to complain, because I like being at school. I don`t mind learning and I love spending time with my classmates. My favorite subjects are English, History and German. It is a little bit disappointing that there are just a few free time activities offered at our school.
Apart from spending my free time with friends, I also love horseback riding. My horse is called ´Le Bon` and you can see some pictures of him on my photo collage. I train with him at least five times a week. Besides that, I`m playing the piano and love reading (I read English literature as well as German literature). For earning a bit of extra money, I tutor English, French and Math in our neighborhood.
The reason why I decided to become an exchange student in the USA is that I want to see America out of the eyes of someone, who lives there. I want to be part of family and want to see the differences between Germany and America myself. Learning in an American Highschool would be a unique opportunity to me I´m really looking forward to that because I´ve never been an exchange student before.
I enjoy exploring different cultures. Sometimes my dad and I spend our vacation abroad, because we love being near the sea. Sadly the sea in Germany is quite cold. Last year we were in Turkey and the year before in Thailand. I really enjoy swimming. When it`s hot outside, my friends and I are going to a lake to swim. I already have made a riding out to the lake where my horse and I have enjoyed the chilly water. It loves swimming as much as I do! All these fantastic experiences make summer my most favorite season.
In winter, when it`s not too cold, we love playing in the snow. Next to building a snowman and fighting exciting snowball wars, we also go sledding and ice skating. I`d love to try skiing, but I haven`t had the chance yet.
But I also like being with my friends just to exchange news. We sometimes just go to drink hot chocolate together to talk to each other.
Most important for me are my family and my friends. Going to the movies with my dad and my brother, who visits us at least once a month, is a pleasure to me. I have the feeling that I can tell them all that burdens me and so do they. I hope that I can have such a relationship with my host family, too.
I`d describe myself as a curious, friendly and open-minded person who loves travelling and learning new things. I really hope you could get an idea of my personality and of the way I am out of the letter I wrote. It would be wonderful if you`d decide to take me in as a part of your family and I´m looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading my letter!
Best wishes from Germany, Michelle.

Ps. Der ist sogar noch etwas zu kurz Hmmm
Ihr habt nicht zufällig ein paar Tipps was ich da noch rein nehmen könnte?

Mein Dear Host Family letter für das PPP Stipendium
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