Mal wieder ein Hostfamily Letter

habe gerade endlich meinen Hostfamily Letter fertig.
Ich bin mir nicht so ganz sicher ob ich den so abschicken kann deswegen frage ich lieber nochmal nach Grins

Dear hostfamily,

I‘m very grateful that you accept me as a new family member into your home.
My name is Jonathan and I live with my mother Andrea and my Father Klaus in a suburb of Hamburg, which is in the north of Germany. My parents work both as alternative practitioners in their own !!!!!!!.My sister Lena lives in the city and studies German History. She shares a flat with other students. My brother David does voluntary work in Cambodia after he passed his A-Levels in June. We also have a dog called Fritzi.
I go to the Albert-Schweizer-Gymnasium in the 9th Grade. I attent a music class with a class orchestra. I played the cello for 5 years and the clarinet since 6th grade.
After school I want to study medicine, maybe abroad.

My job at home is to walk the dog, and of course I have to tidy my room and sometimes to help in the household.
In my free time I meet friends. We go to the mall or the cinema then. I also used to play Tennis but I dont have time for it anymore. I like to listen to music, watch TV and chat on the internet. Furthermore i like to travel. We usually traveled in Europe, mostly to Denmark and Spain, but this year we went to the USA. We spent 2 weeks in Florida. After we came back I wanted to go abroad. At first my parents weren‘t so happy about it, but after they had seen how much it means to me and that it doesn‘t effect my A-Levels, but rather make them better, they supported me and helped me to find the right country.

I’m very excited to go ‘Down Under’, because I curios about the culture and the wildlife.
I also want to improve my English. I think it’s interesting to get to know a kind of school, which is different from the german school. And of course I love to try surfing ;)

I‘m very exited to met you and see my new environment.

With best wishes from Germany


besonders beim Ende bin ich mir sehr unsicher
Danke schonmal ;)


Jonathan B. DFSR 2013/14
Mal wieder ein Hostfamily Letter
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