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J. I.

Looking for a host family in UK/Ireland


my name is Jelena, I am 16 years old and interested in holidays in United Kingdom or Ireland to improve my english skills for Abitur in 2018, which I will give on A-level. A friend of mine is also interested in that and we are communicative, nice and friendly young people. Maybe there is someone here who might help us by giving a hint or something else?
I say thank you very much in advance for any kind of help! :)

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vom 15.11.2016 10:51
O. R.

Gastfamilie in Irland oder UK

Hallo Jelena, du kannst dich gerne bei mir melden. Ich habe einige Gastfamilien, vornehmlich in Irland. LG

Sligo Language

Hello! We offer language holidays on our farm in Ireland. Our website is www.sligolanguage.com

vom 9.1.2017 13:33
C. N.

Host Family In Ireland

Hi, We have host family places available at present. Please contact us for details.
Chez Nous Homestay. Ireland

vom 9.1.2017 14:43
C. N.

English in Ireland

Tauche ein in die irische Kultur und lerne spielerisch Englisch! Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, Chez Nous Homestay Ireland für mehr Informationen Thumb up

J. I.
Looking for a host family in UK/Ireland
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