Nachdem mir hier in der Schule ziemlich langweilig ist, hab ich deinen Brief mal genauer unter die Lupe genommen und korregiert :)

Dear host family,
you probably got a first impression of me by reading through my application so far but i would like to give you a further view into my life.

My name is Kristijan Markovski and I am 19 years old. I did my A-Levels in June 2015 and since then I'm working more and more specific with children to achieve my dream of becoming an Au-pair in the USA.

My family consists of my Mom, my Dad and my brother Alex. We all live together in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, in a village with about 7000 inhabitants.
Our Village is about 50 miles away from the next big city called Stuttgart. My Father works as an Metal worker in a Company called Meva, where they are focused on formwork systems. My Mom works in an almshouse where she's supporting the old people. My little brother Alex started his education to become a cook in September 2015.
At home we're talking only Macedonian, which is comparable to Serbian and it's also slightly like Russian, but really just a little bit.
If i had to describe our family with one word i would choose: „spirited“. We are what Germans would call „Südländer“, in English that means southerner, meaning from the southern countries of Europe. There is always something on going in our apartment. It's nearly never quiet. So i have a very spirited side in me but during the years i also learned to be a very calm and patient person. That's also something my friends say about me. They say, that i can calm them down if i am around and that i am a like a place where they can relax.
But on the other side i have a lot of power inside of me. I am an all-rounder! I have so many different sides on me, that i get along with nearly every one. I am very open minded, active, confident but also like i said very patient, calm and responsible. I love to listen to people and to help them out and give them advices. I speak my mind iif i have something to say and i like People who can give, receive and accept critique.
My Hobbies are taking care for children, playing soccer, going to the Gym, playing the piano, skating (skateboard), playing Basketball, meeting my friends and listeningto music.

The reason why i would like to become an Au-pair is simple and beautiful.
I love children. As an Au-Pair you work with children the whole time and what could be better than combine work with your favorite hobby? I take my hobbies very seriously and put a lot of effort in iit. So I know that I can master every challenge that comes along with being an Au-pair easily. It would be perfect. But i would not apply for a childcare activity in a different country, 6.000 miles away from home if i wasn’t also really interested in making new experience in a completely different area with completely new people around me and another language. I also want to know what the American way of life is like and I would like to become a part of your Family. I want to come a step forward in my life and I want to help your children to come a step forward as well.

I've always been interested in working with children, it all started 18 months ago, in the Summer of 2014 where I met an 8 year-old boy nearly every day at the outdoor swimming pool in the village where I live. I used to go alone to the outdoor swimming pool because it was often to hot for my friends, so they came later. I spent the time waiting for my friends with the 8 year-old boy and discovered my passion for taking care of children. It made me so happy that I played with him although my friends were already there. I think that I spent about 3 weeks with taking care of him during the Summer holidays. At this Time I did not know about an Au-Pair year so I never noticed any hours I spent taking care for him. I spent maybe 30 hours with him, but those 30 hours were enough to make me sure that I want to spent more time caring for children. In October 2014 I started babysitting 3 Children. There names are Talitha, Joelle and Daviel. They are the Children of a good friend of mine where I often go to read the Bible and to play the Piano. They are between 3 and 7 Years old. I made my first Childcare experience with them in the mountains where we spent 3 beautiful days with their parents and some other friends. I played a lot with the children and I was around them almost the whole time. We also went hiking where I had to be with the children. I walked for 1 hour with Joelle on my shoulders because she wasn't able to walk anymore because she was so tired. But we still had a lot of fun!
After that I was more and more involved in their family life and I spent more hours at their house to play with them, take care of them and just have the feeling that they are my little siblings.
Since July 2015 I have seen them at least once per week. And ever since then they have got a little brother, who is now a few months old. I feel like home when I am with them and it's always a really good time. You can see some pictures of us in my gallery. I would say that I spent about 150 hours with them in total. And I will spend a lot more of hours with them until the day I'll leave.

In April 2014 I started with a special Childcare experience. I became the coach of an youth team in my soccer club. The Boys and one Girl there are between 9 and 11 years old. There are about 10 of them. My job is it to show them how to play Soccer. I really like it to teach them new things and to work constantly with them and see how they get better and better and how they love playing soccer. It reminds me of myself when I was just as young as them. We have practice twice a week from 17.00 to 19.15 and on the weekends a game or even a tournament. Approximately I spend about 9 hours per week with them. They are full of Energy and sometimes it's really hard to talk against them, but I always manage it. Until December 2015 I have spent 250 hours with them and I’m happy to continue coaching them as long as I am here..

I made my last experience with kids in December 2015 when I volunteered for 3 weeks in a Kindergarten. First I thought that it could be very complicated to take care of even more children than in my Soccer club. But straight from the beginning I noticed that the Children between 3 and 5 years old are just lovely. 10 minutes after I introduced myself to them they came to me and wanted to play with me, so we played a lot in the play area where there are a lot of toys, bricks of Lego and other funny things.
We also drew a lot of pictures and after the first week I got like 10 pictures as a present from them.
During my time there I also had to set the table, to clean up their mess, help them brush their teeth and bring them to the toilette. I think I managed my tasks really good. The kindergarten teachers were all really happy with my work and I got a lot of compliments for my patient and loving behavior. While volunteering at the kindergarten I made about 100 hours of new experience which were very important for me.

In my opinion a good Au-Pair has to be somehow like a big Brother for the Children. As an Au-pair you have to take care for the Children with a passion and love like your siblings.
If you see it as a Job which you want to finish fast with to relax afterward, you’re definitely wrong. I think that an Au-pair should have experienced working with a lot of different groups of children because every child is different and special in it’s own way and if you have as much childcare experience as possible you make sure that you're able to take care of nearly every child. America is a really big country and without a car I think it could get problematic. So driving safely and responsible should also be an important characteristic of an good Au-pair. I have driven about 20.000 miles since I have my license, so I can say that I am a safe driver.
My future goals are to experience a lot of beautiful moments in the USA with a great Host-Family with their great Children. After my Year as an Au-pair I want to continue working with children as a Teacher or maybe a Doctor.

I think I am the right Person to take care for your children.
Thank you very much for reading my letter to the end and spending time on getting to know me better. I really appreciate it.
I'm so excited to hear from you.
Yours sincerely, Kristijan

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