Klingt gut

der Text klingt echt gut, aber du hast hier und da ein paar Fehler, ich hoffe es ist okay, dass ich die korrigiert habe und ich hab sie dann groß geschrieben.

Dear Host Family,

first of all, thank you for reading my letter and spending time on getting to know me better. I hope it will give you an impression about me, my life here in Germany and why I would like to spend a year in the USA.

I went to the USA twice yet. Once to California and the second time to Florida, but these trips were just holidays. But now I would like to stay in the US for a bit longer. Prooving my english is of course one of the reasons but not the only one; I'd really like to see the differet cultutre, different habits and lifestyle, different views of things, maybe visit the Grand Canyon,...

But now a bit about me:

In general I am quite open to new things, but sometimes a little bit shy in unknown situations.
Sport is quite important to me. I do gymnastics since I was a LITTLE girl and I also always did a second sport, horse vaulting, HORSEBACK RIDING, I started snowboarding this winter and it is quite fun, and right now I swim, but i think about stopping that and starting tennis. I also love reading, watching good films, listening to music, relaxing in the sun, humor, cooking...I am also quite interessted in architecture.
I also travel a lot, Italy, France, Egypt, Croatia, Spain, USA, and I spend at least once a year my HOLIDAYS in SWIZERLAND.

I'm living in a small village near the lake XXXX in the very south of Germany. My school is in a town which is 3 km far from where I live, and from there you have the best view all OVER the lake, and if it's summer you even can go swimming in THE lunchbreaks. My favourite subjects in school are chemistry, history, english and social studies.
After my final exams I would like to become a lawyer.

My best friend is Kathi, we UNDERSTAND each other quite well because we are just at the same wavelength. I speak very often ENGLISH with her because she lived in the USA for 5 years and of course she speaks it fluently NOW.

I also have to older siblings, XXXXX and XXXXX, they are both GOING TO UNIVERSITY now, but I am happy about having them, because there was a lot I was able to learn from them. If I HAVE problems in school I can ask my sister, or with my computer I can ask my brother. Of course sometimes they MAKE jokes about me, but this made me beeing self-confident, and not taking EVERTHING TOO serious. My childhood was funnier with THEM than it have been without them; my brother loves kidding and beeing ironical.
At home I have to clean my room, the bathroom and sometimes I bake or cook.

I like animals, I AM HORSEBACK RIDING and I also have a cat, Lilly, which I really love.

Am Ende würde ich Lots of Love benutzen, musst du aber nicht.
Ich ahb auch mal eine ganze Zeit lang gedacht reiten heißt "riding", aber es heißt "horseback riding" und studying bedeutet einfach nur lernen und nicht studieren, deshalb ahb ich da jetzt "going to university" hingeschrieben.

Viele Grüße Emilia

T. S.
Emilia A. USA WWQ 2014/15
Klingt gut
T. S.
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