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L. L.

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Hello, my name is Lea and i'm 13 years old.
My birthday is the 10.09.2005
I live with my mother and her boyfriend near Munich.
I have been learning English for 5 years and would like to go to England for 2-3 months or to America in January / February 2020
I would like to be a host sibling because I am an only child in Germany.
My hobbies are, dancing, singing, listening to music, reading, traveling, meeting my friends and watching TV
I travel very much .. I have been to many German cities but also often abroad for example: Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and more. therefore I would like to make an exchange

I am looking forward to news from you

My E-Mail Address: Lea41848@gmail.com

L. L.
Hostfamily search
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