Host family letter (Korrektur)

Hey ich musste für meine Bewerbung eine Hostfamily letter schreiben.
Es wäre sehr lieb wenn mir jemand Verbesserungsvorschläge für meine Brief geben könnte ?

Dear future host family,
first of all, I want to thank you for reading my letter and giving me the appourtunity to spend one year in the USA with you and to be part of your family, for about 10 months. I am so excited to meet you and get to now you. It´s one of my biggest dreams for about three years, to do an exchange year in the USA. To make youre desicion easier, I would like to intruduce myself, my familiy, the place where I live and the things I typically do in my free time in this letter.
My name is Samira and I am a 16 years old girl from southern Germany. I grew up in a city near XXXX with about 48 thousand inhabitans and I am currently living in a flat with a big garden.
At the beginning, I would like to give you some information about my lovely family because they are one oft he most important things in my life. I live together with my parents and my littel brother XXXX. He is 9 years old and is currently in the fourth grade of primary school. My brother an I have three pets together. We have as pets two rabbits, a guinea pig and some fish. The rabbits are both males and are called Paulchen and Eddy, our guinea pig is called Master. They live in a beautiful stabel in our garden. Two years ago I got an aquarium for Christmas. This is now on my desk in my room where my fish,shrimps and some snails live. As my family is an important part of my life we do a lot of things together on the weekends like swimming, hiking, or just playing board games in the afternoon. I love to travel and I travel especially in the summer and spring holidays with my family, but also often with my aunt´s family. On holiday mostly we go together to France or Italy (Sardinia) on holiday. As my grandparents own a sailboat I also go to Fehmarn (Germany). At least once a year to go sailing to Denmark with my grandparents and my Cousin XXXX. The Sailing ship is called Shania and the name of the tender is „Nelas“. The name „Nelas“ was put togther from all the initial letters oft the names of my grandparents five grandchildren, wich I think is avery nice idea.
I attend the 10th grade of a small school with only 590 students. My school is 30 minutes away from the place where I live. My favourite subjects at school are English, art and biology. I like art very much because I love painting and I also spend a lot of time drawing and painting. Besides English I have also been learning French at school, for about four years. I love going to school because I like to learn new things and the school gives me the opportunity to spend time with my friends during breaks and lunch. This year, after 10 years at school I will taking my intermediate school leaving certificate. After my exchange year, I will attend an International Buisness School, where I will take my Abitur after three years.
A typical school day begins at eight o´clock and continues until 3:40 pm. After school I often meet my friends and after that I do my homework. In my spare time I read a lot, draw or paint and bake and cook with my friends or with my family. As I love cooking I could also cook some German meals for you. I also like to take pictures or help my grandparents in the garden. At the moment I am also learning guitar as a new Instrument.
Since horseback riding. is one of my hobbies I like to go to the stabel at the weekends for horseback riding. I have been horseback riding more or less actively for about six years now. At the moment I am riding the new pony of my little cousin XXXX. The pony is called Perreine and is a ten year old mare. Her nickname is Perrie because we found the name Perreine too long, to call her.
My friends and family would describe mea s a honest, trustworthy and flexibel person. Sometimes I tend to be a little shy when I don´t know someone very well, but that stops when I get to know that person better.
In order to support my parents with the money form my exchange year, I have been delivering newspapers every Saturday for more than two years.
Probably you will ask yourself why I want to be an exchange student. I think it´s a great opportunity to have a great experience, meet new people, get to know the „American way of live“, experience the famous High School spirit and improve my English. I´m pretty sure that I will miss my family and friends a lot as I really enjoy my life in Germany. But I know that this experience of one year, with you, will be more than worth leaving my home. I´am so excited about my exchange year and would be glad to spend this time with you and become a part of your family.
Now I hope you got a good first impression of my life. I would like to wish you a great day and thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter, get to know me and my life a bit better. I´am so excited about my exchange year and would be glad to spend this time with you and become a part of your family

Warm regards,

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N. K.

eigentlich gramma ist egal

importatnt part of my life

Samira K. USA Ayusa-Intrax 2020/21
Host family letter (Korrektur)
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