Host family letter

Dear host family,

first of all I want to thank you for giving me the chance to become a member of your family for 10 months and also to give me the opportunity to join the Australian life. This means so much to me, living a life as an exchange student in Australia. In the following text I want to give you an impression of me, my family and my life.

My name is Sophia and I am fifteen years old, but I will be sixteen (years old), when I come to Australia. I was born at the 13th of June 1998 in Munich and now I live with my family in a little village called XX near XX in the south of Germany.
My family, that is: My mother C.V., my father F.M., my two brothers Alex and Philipp and our two rabbits.
My mother is from Peru. She is XX years old and spanish teacher, but she also takes care of the house and the family. She helps me, if I have problems or certain questions. Sometimes we are jogging or painting together.
My father Florian is XXyears old and works as a software developer by the company Intel. Unfortunatly, he works very long, so he comes back late from work. Despite this, he always helps me if I have problems and we learn together for physiks for example.
The older of my two brothers, Alex, is twelve years old and goes to the same school I go to. We often play soccer or watch soccer matches together, because we are big fans of the club "Werder Bremen".
My smallest brother, Philipp, is only two years old, but very cute and he can already speak a bit, mostly spanish. We often play together, jump on our trampoline or I read a book to him. He is also a big soccer fan.
Our two rabbits are called "Happy" and "Mumu". They are my best animal friends and they live free in our garden.
I get along very good with my parents and my brothers. I try to help them whenever it is possible. Often I help out in the kitchen setting the table or with the laundry, I look after my little brother and tidy up my room. Indeed, I love my family so much and you cannot put us all together in a room without having a really funny, good time.

My special characteristics are, that I am honest and reliable, because respecting each other is very important for me. Sometimes I am a little bit shy and a bit too ambitious in things that have to do with school and marks. My friends say that I am a calm, friendly and sociable girl. My biggest strenghts are to be always there for them and help if they have some trouble.
I think, that I can handle strange situations very good, because I know other cultures quite well.

As a child I didn't go to a "normal" kindergarden. I went to a "forest-kindergarden", where we didn't have any house to stay, but we walked in the forest and searched a good place to eat. I think that is where my love for nature and animals began and I was influenced a lot.

Now I am in year 10 of the Graf-Rasso-Gymnasium, where I am since 2009. I have been learning English for 5 years now, so I started in year 5. I am also learning Latin and French and I can speak Spanish as well: my second native language.

We only live three kilometres away from my school, so I go to school by bike. I really enjoy it in the morning to get awake for sure. My favourite subjects are maths, french and history next to english, because I am really fascinated by other languages and I like to be informed about other countries and their history.

Within my school, I am engaged for keeping the "attendance book", for tutoring and last year helping younger pupils to do their homeworks. I really enjoy this work because I like dealing with kids. I also help the new pulips in year 5 to find their way around the school.
Being member of the ecomenical team for preparing the school church services, and of our Big Band as well, has been a great opportunity for me.

School starts at 7.55 am in the morning and ends at 1 pm. But two times a week I have school till 4.30 pm and on friday I go to the Big band. So on Friday I leave school at 2.15 pm.
After two lessons we have a break during that we can eat, go outside and laugh a lot. I really enjoy going to school because I can meet my friends, laugh and simply have fun - it isn't only a duty for me.

In my free time, I really like to read books, listen to the radio or make photos. My favourite book is "the hunger games". Every friday I go horse riding. I really enjoy this and hope I can also go horse riding in Australia. That would be great! Horse riding means much to me because I love animals very much and I have to work together with these animals: it is great! That isn't something you do quite often. I also have clarinet lessons every week. Both the nature and music are very important for me and I really enjoy doing it.
I have been playing the clarinet for 4 years now. I started playing the clarinet in school. There we had a music class and everybody played an instrument. So the whole class took part in concerts or events. After two years this ended and I decided to go on with my clarinet.

Ich habe dir den ersten Teil einmal verbessert. Leider hatte ich keine Zeit für den zweiten - Hoffentlich findet sich noch wer. Insgesammt bin ich beeindruckt davon, wie gut dein Englisch schon ist. Meins war sicher nicht so gut bevor ich in die USA gegangen bin! Insgesammt hörst du dich auch wie ein sehr interessiertes und engagiertes Mädchen an - Hast du schon einmal überlegt dich für Stipendien zu bewerben? Du hättest gute Chancen!

Liebe Grüße,

Auf diesen Beitrag gibt es eine Antwort:

Danke :)

Hey Charly :)
danke, dass du idr den brief durchgelesen hast :)
Ich hab mich bei dfh für das Australienstipemdium beworben :) mal schaeun ob es klappt:P
Liebe Grüße Sophi

Host family letter
Sophi M. Australien Stepin 2014/15
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