Host family Letter

Wie findet ihr meinen Brief? Es gibt sicherlich noch tausende grammatikalische Fehler etc.

Istja auch erstmal die grobe Fassung.

Aber vielleicht fallen ja euch schlimme Fehler auf, habe gerade einen Tunnelblick :D

Dear future host family,

I hope you have been satisfied with my application. Now I would like to tell you more about me, my life and also my childcare experiences.
Since 18 years I live with my parents, my grandmother and my little brother Alexander in the beautiful Oderbruch. The Oderbruch is located in Brandenburg, a state in eastern Germany near the Polish border. The capital of Germany, Berlin, is close to my home village. I loved to visit Berlin for shopping and meeting my friends. My friends and family are very important to me. I undertake a lot with them and we support us wherever it´s possible. Cohesion is a very important thing in life. So its also very important to have a good family closeness in my future host family.

My home. My family. Me 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🐴🏡

We live in a nice house with a huge garden, in the small village XXXX. The surrounding area is very rural and spread out. My family and I live together with chickens, ducks and two cats. My cats are also family members for me. I love animals.
My love of animals is major reason for my hobby. I have a private nursing horse named Rosella in the neighboring village. Since one year I´ve got the opportunity to take care of her. I could visit my horse whenever I want. A nursing horse means a lot of responsibility and I bear it with a lot of joy. Another hobby of mine is dancing. I am a member of a carnival club. Such associations are typical for Germany. Once a year we celebrate Carnival, a colorful festival with dances, funny sketches and humorous stories, in whole Germany. Surely you have heard of it.

Now I want to come back to my family again. My little brother is 13 years old. I support him with his homework or learning for school. We spent time together with a lot of fun. Certainly there are moments where we do not see ourselves - But I think all siblings know that. The change of school to high school, which also I visit has welded us even closer together.
We go to a private evangelical school in Wriezen. At this school I will finish my graduation in June this year. Then 12 years schooling are over.

My life experiences and plans 🌏🎓✈️

Now I would like to discover something new after school. I want to get out, out of Germany in the big wide world and visit Australia the country which has fascinated me since years. I would also like to meet new people and of course to improve my English knowledge. All this gives me Australia. The reason why I chose an au pair year, was a very special group of human — The children. When we did a student exchange in Spain, Cadiz in 2015, I realized that I would like to work as an Au Pair. In Spain we had to give lessons for preschoolers and 1. class students completely in Spanish. This was a very big challenge for me, as I had Spanish classes since 3 years. But we met the challenge. Even if the children do not understand all linguistically, this experience gave me the incentive to such challenges to tie. Even though my English is not perfect yet, I would like to do its. With enough enthusiasm I will also overcome the initial language barrier. I'm sure.

Equipped with countless experiences and of course the linguistic improvement I would like to travel a few weeks in Australia after my Au Pair time. I have great interest in getting to learn about the unique nature and the wildlife of new places in Australia.
When I am back in Germany, I would like to study. Here I tend to business, or management studies. My second plan would be the Magisterium. But this decision I can take as recently as after my Au Pair time.

My childcare experiences 🎨👫✄

I love to teach little children. In addition, It is absolutely necessary to give children confidence. Binding to other people and the environment in society define the future of the child. To me it is also extremely important that the child never lose heart and fun of learning new things. I try it in my private lessons that I give more than a year to a 12 year old student, always with different exercises and a huge variety.
Other experiences I have always felt at countless children parties. I provide childcare in the form of face painting, games and pony rides. I got kind of gratitude and of course enthusiasm from the children every time, which was a great experience for me.
In addition, I often take care for the children of friends of our family. I spent with Luis at lot of time, who is now 5 years old. We painted and crafted together, but also the playground was very often visited by us. My relationship with the children was always good and we had always a great time.
In order to deal more with more children I do after my graduation a traineeship in the newly formed primary school. There I will look after the children who are 6-7 year old, after school and play with them. With the guys I play with their hot-loved football Panini cards and with the girls I love to paint. (Mainly horses) I also considered myself incorporate playful English lessons in the afternoon schedule, because I find that learning a new language just for kids expresses is important.
And these are my plans for my new host family too. I want to teach the children a little bit German or rather teach them my culture. I am sure that they will enjoy it.

It is also important to teach children new things, explain their questions because I know from experience that children can ask a lot of questions.
Especially important to me is also a healthy diet. At home I really enjoy cooking fresh and healthy. It's important that children learn how to deal with diet early. I could imagine to cook with the children and show them as healthy diet works.
For healthy food is for me also adequate exercise and sports. I've been thinking to dance with my future children or to make sports games.
Of course there is plenty of other ideas that I have, and this is still l not everything that I have experienced. So I would appreciate a personal interview and to tell you more of me. I hope you are becoming inspired with my application.

I will see you soon


Luisa L. Australien AIFS 2016/17
Host family Letter
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