Host family letter :)

Ich habe gerade meinen Brief fertig geschrieben und würde euch bitte vielleicht einmal drüber zu schauen :D

Dear host family,

first I want to say thank you for giving an exchanges sudent like me the opportunity to study abroad and be a part of your family.

My name is Julian and when I`m in America I am 15 years old, now I am 14. I was born on a farm in a small village near munich. My family consists of my parents, my four years younger sister and my grandparents, which are also living in our house.

The things that are most important to me are music, friends and family. I was grown up with music. When I was a child my parents always sang songs to me, so music has already given to me when I was young. In my opinion is being a part of choir the best opportunity to practice singing. Thats why I have already been in three choirs. The „XXXXX“ choir was the most important one for me. I made a lot of friends and they were like a second big family for me. We took part in international competitions and traveled around Europe, which gave me a lot. I have also been playing soccer for four years, but sports are'nt really a thing for me .

I actually like going to school beacause I meet my friends. They also say that I'm a good student at all and thats also my opinion. My favourite subjects are geography, chemics and of course english. These three subjects are always exiting and can learn everytime new things which give me a new perspective of the world. Thats why I like them.

My biggest strenghts are that I am creative, optimistic and openminded. I always try to be tolerant and kind to other people and don't want to insult somebody. I like drawing and I have always good ideas which will help me in my dreamjob as industrial designer. Never the less my mother sometimes has to remind me when I have to help in the household, but always do it immediatly.

My friends would describe me as humourous, reliable and they say it's always a lot of fun with me. I'm also a little bit subborn person and I everytime want to give my best, especially in playing piano. I try to practice as much as I can to catch up what I missed, because I only started playing it when I was 12.

I always wanted to go to USA so the opportunity to go abroad and to take part on the American live amazed me. I have heared so much about the country and culture and I want to experience it by firsthand. I also want to teach you about the Bavarian culture and traditions.

In this way I want to thank you very much for taking time on getting to know me better and I'm so exited to meet you.

Yours sincerly,


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Aw: Host family letter

Hej Julian :)
Auch ein DFSRler Juhuu!

Also was mir persönlich auffällt:
1. First of all I want to thank you for giving an exchange student...
By the time I'm in America, I'll be 15...
my grandparents, who live in our house, too
I grew up with music
"When I was a child my parents always sang songs to me, so music has already given to me when I was young" Was meinst du mit dem Satz??
They say that I am a good student, and to be honest, I share this opinion (würde besser klinegn)
and they say it is always great fun with me.
I've always wanted to go to the US,...
I'd like to bring some bavarian flair into an american household as well (würde auch besser klingen)

Sonst gefällt mir dein Brief echt gut und ich bin froh, dass ich nicht die einzige bin, die mit ihrer Bewerbung noch nicht fertig ist :p

Host family letter :)


Danke das du ihn dir mal durchgelesen hast :D

Julian O. USA DFSR 2016/17
Host family letter :)
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