Host family letter :)

Hey Leute ich habe grade meinen Gastfamilienbrief fertig geschrieben und wollte fragen was ich noch besser machen kann bzw verändern sollte....Liebe Grüße Oskar

Dear host family,
first of all I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend a year in the US with you and to be a part of your family. In the following letter I’m trying to give you an impression of my personality and to introduce myself, my family, the things I normally do, the place where I live and things like that.
My name is Oskar and I am a sixteen years old boy from Hamburg. Its in the north of Germany and there live about 1.8 million people. My school is 1.8 miles from my house away. I drive every morning with my bicycle or in the winter with the bus to my school. My school has nearly 1000 students. I'm in the 10th grade. My favorite classes are sports, English and biology.
My mother and I are living in a apartment in the 4th.floor. I have no siblings. My parents are separated but they are having a good relationship. I can always go to my dad who does not live far away. My mother works in an advertising agency and is there assistant of the management. My dad is a janitor but has no job at the moment. I have to both a very good relationship and I can trust both 101%.
My school starts at 8 am that means I have to wake up at 7 am. Mostly I have school to 2 pm but sometimes until 3 pm. After school I go home and eat something. Right after that I make my homework and sometimes I help my mother in the household I do things like put out the garbage or cleaning my room. Sport is a very big part in my life! I have track & field 4 to 5 times a week. I did also play soccer for 5 years. But track & field is my absolutely favorite sport because almost all my friends also doing it and I am also very good at it. At the weekend I am mostly meet my friends. We often go swimming to the cinema or we just talk. That is always awesome because I love my friends and we always have a good time. I also like to help at track & field or running competition. I love sports and I couldn’t live without it.
In the future I want to study sport or sport management. Maybe I am going to study one semester in a other country.
I love travelling. I never was in the USA before but I was in Finland, Spain Greece and Denmark. My biggest dream is to live one year in the USA. I want to thank you that you give exchange students the chance to live one year abroad. I’m not a religious person and I don’t go to church, but I would go to church with you if you went there regularly. . Again thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend almost one year with you.
I can´t wait to travel to the USA and to meet you. I hope to hear from you soon.
Lovely greeting from Hamburg,
Oskar 

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gut abrr..

ich finde deinen hostfamily letter im Prinzip sehr gut. Das englisch ist ziemlich gut, manchmal etwas einfach. Ich hatte beim lesen etwas das gefühl, dass es mehr einer aufzählung gleicht. Versuche nicht so kurze Sätze zu bilden, oder Sätze zu verbinden.
Außerdem finde ich es immer schön, wenn man zeigt das man sich im seinem gastland angagieren kann. Zum Beispiel wenn du sport machst zu schreiben..." I love to do sport, so I will enjoy joining different teams in my high school."
Sonst finde ich deinen brief wirklich schön, auch das du erwähnst, wie du dich auf deine gastfamilie freust.
Ich hoffe ich konnte dir ein bisschen helfen und Anregungen geben

vom 16.11.2014 09:12

Ein paar Vorschläge

ich hab ein paar Sachen gefunden..

Thinks like that ist sehr deutsch, besser wäre einfach etc. .

Year 10 klingt auch besser als 10th grade.

Sport als Fach ist P.E. . Smily

My mother and I are living in an apartment.

I've got a very good relationship to both... besser ists am Ende. ..

I've got school until 2pm.

I do my homework.

I do things like putting out the garbage.

Almost everyone of my friends are also doing it ...

Mostly I meet my friends.

In the future I would love/like to study ...

I've never been to the US yet.

I would like to thank you for giving students ....

I can't wait to travel to the US and meet you...

Ansonsten ist es teilweise etwas durcheinander, versuche vielleicht etwas mehr Struktur reinzubringen...
Und evtll. etwas mehr unterschiedliche Satzanfänge..

Ich hoffe, ich konnte etwas helfen...
Ich hab zwar noch gar keine Erfahrung in Sachen Hostfamily Letter schreiben, noch war ich schon in Irland... das ist alles noch in Planung...

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Host family letter :)
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