Host Family letter

Ich muss bald meinen Brief an meine Orga weitergeben, damit sie für mich eine Gastfamilie findet.

Hab hier im Forum schon ein paar eurer Briefe gelesen und auch teilweise Dinge übernommen (hoffentlich ist das Ok... unhappy ).

Würde mich freuen, wenn ihr mir noch Tipps zu dem Brief geben könntet. Hab schon sehr viel daran gekürzt, bin mir aber nicht sicher ob alles verständlich ist. Was kann noch weg?

Danke schonmal! Smily

LG Natalie

"Dear Host family,

first of all I want to thank you for reading this letter and spending time on getting to know me better. I am really looking forward to staying a year abroad in your country. In the following lines I want to introduce myself and tell you something about my family, hobbies, everyday life and my hopes and expectations for the upcoming year.
My name is Natalie and I was born on the 13th January 1997 in ***, so I am 16 years old.
About four years ago we moved to ***, which is an hour from ***. Both are part of *** in Germany.
We live in a three-room apartment, even with back yard, there is a rabbit hutch along with the animals. I live with my mother, my twin sister and my two rabbits. My father died when I was six years old. He became seriously ill with lymphoma.
I love my mother very much. She supports me in many ways, as with a year abroad as well as she can. At the moment she makes a great effort to finance me and my sister for a year in the wide world.
I think it´s normal that my sister and I often disagree. My wish is to become more independent, without my sister by my side. We only were may be for three weeks apart. Sometimes it´s nice to know that I always have somebody to tell my problems or something like that. On the other hand I wouldn´t cling to my sister anymore. I think if we are apart for one year abroad it´s good, for both of us.
We three are for a long time a woman household, with one exception. Together we go on vacation, mostly with other relatives or friends, for example, go to the swimming pool or simply sit on the sofa and watch a movie together.

Most of my family lives, unfortunately, a little further away so that we cannot visit too often. But we are in regular contact with each other. I am sorry that we will most likely not see because I have loved my whole family is incredibly large.
Also, I'm very attached to my rabbit. But I've already taken care of a home, but only temporarily, for them.
In my free time I really enjoy working with animals. I often help out on a pony yard and ride there regularly, two or three times a week, in a group, except in the winter.
Also, reading and photography are among my favorite activities. My bookcase is full to bursting. If I have time to read, I do prefer it at least an hour a day. Last year I also bought a good camera so I could take my time beloved animals and the natural environment.
If I'm on vacation or short holidays, I spend time like this in a veterinary practice. There I help at venues including the consultations, in supplying the animals or as a surgical assistant. For me it is very special, because I have the opportunity to spend time with animals and humans alike.

My friends are not only at school but also elsewhere. If a meeting is possible, it does not remain unused. Even in some of my recreational activities (horseback riding, veterinary practice), I have a lot of fun with the people there and I am often invited to dinner. I will describe them as nice and polite, somewhat shy, "chatterbox" and alert. Also, I often bring my opinion. Because if I do not like what I have to open not shy in front of the mouth.

If it was possible for me, I would regularly go abroad, it could also be expressed as wanderlust.
What fascinates me most in any country is simply pure nature and culture, the abundance of the things which come together. So I raised my, for example, just look at the "rocky" Tenerife or Turkey, with a color variety of plants and some relatively daring people, in terms of driving.
In a new country I like all together. A new culture and new people to meet, a completely different flora and fauna. When I'm on holiday I always insist that I would not want to leave. It's hard for me again in my "sad" to return home, since I already know pretty well. So far I had the pleasure of many impressions, of course, in Europe, some African and Asian. But South America, especially Argentina is far more open and I hope to also be part of this continent to be able to find (for me) and to make experience of a lifetime.

I go to the Free School in ***. There I attend the tenth grade this year and make my final GCSE.
A free school represents a different learning system. In the words of Maria Montessori (at the system that inspired my school): "Help me to do it myself". So there we learn to process tasks independently and also pursue self-interest matters.
In school I am particularly on the German, Math, - history and biology classes. There, as well as in the other subjects, I'm reliable, orderly and industrious. Plus, you can describe me as purposeful, responsible, humorous and outgoing.

For the future I plan first to get my high school diploma equivalent. I am considering to go to a high school with the special branch social education. In many internships I already gained a lot of impressions. Of which there were three social institutions (nursery school, practice of Occupational Therapy, Educational Center) where I spent two weeks and helped as best they could. Mid to late November of this year I was in the support center "Spiritual Development," and delighted me in working with children. My internship was finally rewarded with a great review.
I find it even more difficult a decision for my later studies and my future career to take. I could go in the social, medical and veterinary sectors. Might arise for me so any ideas for a gap year in which you can combine both animals, people and language.

I also hope a year abroad language skills, the opportunity to meet many new people and a different culture, integrating with a host family and another school.

I thank you ever so much, that you want to take me up! My wish would be that I can be a part of your family, least for a year, and treated as such, for my part, and I hope it is with you as well, I like to solve problems in a communicative way. If problems should arise, we can certainly fix this.
Of course I would also like to tell you something about Germany and perhaps cook delicious meals for you.
I love to do something in the family or with friends so I look forward to do a trip or something like that with you and meet your family and friend. In your household I would like to help you.
We definitely have a lot of fun and can teach language and culture. I'm looking forward to your country and of course to you!"

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ich bin bei yfu und ich durfte keine orte, schule usw nennen. Bist du sicher, dass du dass alles angeben sollst?
Ich würde noch schreiben warum du grade ein asj dort verbringen willst, also was dich an dem land fasziniert, wie du auf die idee gekommen bist, deine erwartungen, aufgaben in deiner familie oder so. Habe den text jetzt überflogen,also vllt hast du all die dinge genannt und ich hab's nur übersehen :)

Danke, werd´s dann auch abschicken ;)

Danke nochmal für eure Hilfe! Hab den jetzt um einiges gekürzt, mal gucken ob mich jemand haben will... Smily

Werde denn dann gleich ausdrucken und weg! Grins


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