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Hi, I’m looking for a hostfamily in Amsterdam.

Hello, my name is Mia and I’m a student from Germany. I’m born on the 29th November 2003 wich means that I will be 15 by the time that I want to start my exchange year in the Neatherlands.

I‘m looking for a host family that lives in Amsterdam and is willing to take care of me for around a half year.
I want to spend 6 month in Amsterdsm because I have often been in the Neatherlands on vacation before and I have also visited Amsterdam for a few times. It has always seemed like a very happy, openminded and multi-cultured place to me. It honestly is a very fascinating city. After I’ve been there multiple times I have started to show more and more interest in the “ Dutch way of life” and would love to get to know the people and the city a little bit better. I also really want to learn Dutch and I feel like when you use a language in real life and speak it everyday it really helps you to learn and understand it. Some might say there aren’t a lot of differences between Germany and the Neatherlands but I think that is what makes it so fun too discover the little ones. I really hope I get the opportunity to actually become a part of a “real Dutch” family and also get to be a part of their daily lifes.

Here’s a little bit more about myself and my interests: Currently I’m a student at the “Helene- Lange - Schule“ in Oldenburg. At my school I’m part of a voluntary working group that does the sound and light at gigs at our school, furthermore I’m also part of a exchange project with a Southafrican School. In my free time I do kickboxing and I really enjoy to write and read storys and poetry. My favourite subjects are German and English, I’m over all very interested in languages and art.

Of course there will also be financial support from my parents, and we will pay for most of the extra costs that are caused by me like food, public transport, ect.

If you are interested just leave a short answer including your e-mail address on this post, and I will e-mail you. If things work out maybe we can FaceTime or something. I’m really excited to get to know you!

Bye :)

Mia H. Niederlande 2019/20
Hi, I’m looking for a hostfamily in Amsterdam.
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