German family is searching an exchange student


we are a friendly family of 4. I'm 16 years old, soon 17 and my brother is 14. My mum and my dad are also living both with us. We would love to host you in our family. We are living in a small village in Germany. We've got a big house with a beautiful garden and a pool for the summer.
I prefer to make an ,,real" exchange with a girl / boy in my age from North America, Australia or New Zealand! (Native English speaker)
So I really would like to show you Germany! And I will be really happy if I can also visit you and your family for a period of time.

Thank You!

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vom 30.11.2018 18:49
A. T.

spanier `(14)sucht gastfamilie

Würden Sie auch ein Jung aus Spanien aufnehemen?
wir haben schön Erfahrung. Letztes jahr hat bei uns eine Franzose 4 Monate gelebt.

German family is searching an exchange student
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