Gastfamilienbrief verbesserungsvorschläge?

Guten Tag alle miteinander,

Nun ist es soweit und ich muss einen Gastafmilienbrief schreiben, allerdings für meine Gastafmilie, die ich NOCH NICHT habe traurig
Habt ihr Verbesserungsvorschläge oder Umänderungen? unhappy
Besonders weil ich mich für ein Stipendium bei Ayusa bewerbe, möchte ich natürlich, das alles perfekt ist Thumb up

Dear hostfamily,

My Name is xx xx and I am sixteen years old. I am living in a little city near cologne which is called xx with about 15.000 citizens. I write to you because I want to learn more about your culture and your daily life. I would be very glad, if you a short impression of me and my life here in Germany.

I am living in a house with my mother and my stepfather. My brother is studying in Dortmund on ISM. (International School of Management) My mother work as a Projectassistance and my stepfather as a Information Technology Expert for Industrie.I am in the 10th grade at a high school and my favourite subjects are Math, chemistry and English.

At home I have to do tasks all day, like wash the dishes and tidy up my room. Moreover, I learn all day for school to get good notes. When everything is done I meet my friends to go swimming or just hanging up, cook or read a book which makes me fun.My friends say that I am friendly, open, ambitious, thankful and have a open mind.

I think you imagine the question, why I would like to live a whole year in the USA. That's a easy question for me. My uncle live in the USA and when I was eleven I went to my uncle in the winter holidays and at this moment, I am impressed at this country. I like the people there and the fact that everything is so big.

I am happy that I have no allergies, so it is no problem for me to live with dogs, cats, horses or others together. Indeed I don’t eat any meat although is it no problem for me when others eat meat when I , for example, sit in front of them who are eating meat.

I know that the most americans going on sundays in church because they are mostly religious. Altough I am not religious but is it not a problem for me, to go on sundays in church because I want as much as possible to integrate me in your familiy!

I have so much questions to you that i want to ask. Am I have host siblings? If yes, are they going to the school which will my school then too? Do you have pets? Am I have my own room? Whats are the hobbys of your familiy? It is often sunny where you live?

I am so thankful that you admit me in your family! I know, we'll have a lot of fun together and hope you thing the same. I have so much anticipation to get you know!

Annika Hans

Annika H. USA Ayusa-Intrax 2016/17
Gastfamilienbrief verbesserungsvorschläge?
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