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C. G.

Gastfamilienbrief Dänemark

Hej, ich weiß, dass es schon viele Briefe gibt, aber würde irgendjemand so freundlich sein und meinen Brief so gut wie möglich verbessern? Ich weiß nicht wirklich, ob er zu überheblich oder so klingt, oder die Charaktereigenschaften zu negativ oder zu eingebildet.......

Hej hostfamily,
I´m Claudia and I will be fifteen years old when my exchange year starts. First of all I want to say „mange tak“ for wanting to welcome me as a new family member. I think Denmark is a beautiful country and I´d love to spend a year there. I´ve never been to Denmark yet but I saw some photos of the beautiful landscape and I´ve heard many things about Denmark. I´d like to see what life is really like there. But now I want to tell you something about me, my hobbies and my family.
I live with my parents, my sister and my brother in a village one hour away from Vienna. I really like my family because we all get along with each other very well and we do many things together. My sister is sixteen years old now and I can talk with her about nearly everything. My brother is eight years old and he sometimes really gets on my nerves, but all in all we like each other. In my family we quite often have little conflicts, but we reconcile very quick. In the household I usually have to unload the dishwasher and at the weekends I help with the cooking. I sometimes do the ironing and I´m responsible for keeping my room clean and tidy.
We all like pets very much and have got two dogs and one cat. I have to look after one of them called Rocky. My friends are very important for me too. I love just meeting them or going to the cinema or shopping with them.
I also like reading, painting, riding my bike and horse riding. But I don´t get up to it as often as I would want, because I´ve got many things to do for school. What I also quite like is working with my dad. My grandma lives next to us and has a very old house, so there´s much to do. We for example built a door through a quite thick wall and made an old, unused part of the house useable again.
Now I want to tell you something about me. When I meet some new people I´m quite shy, but when I get to know them better I´m mostly funny and I can talk very much. I´m usually helpful, but I also am quite moody and chaotic. I´m usually not the most popular girl in class, but I´ve got some good friends.
I´m going to the language section at my school and so I have to study much. My favourite subjects are probably sports, German and French and I also quite like geography, history and Latin. I have to take the train to school and school usually is until one or three o´clock. I get quite good marks and with my friends school is mostly funny.
But I also want to see how the school in Denmark is, and so I hope that I´ll be able to spend the next year with you. “Tak” for reading this letter, I´m looking forward to seeing you!
Yours sincerely,

Also ich sag schon mal jetzt danke fürs korrigieren!

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toller brief!

ich find deinen brief wirklich gut!! es sind auch fast keine fehler drinnen, hab spontan nur die gefunden:

-tell you something about myself, statt me
-ich würd schreiben: i don't have any problems at school, statt i get good marks, klingt irgwie besser Zwinker

lg miri

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litt mer dæænsk!

Hei :)
Ich find den Brief gut, nur schlage ich dir vor, so standart-Phrasen wie "I´m looking forward to seeing you!" und den Anfang oder so auf Dänisch zu schreiben, sowas kommt gut an.

C. G.
Gastfamilienbrief Dänemark
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