Hey an euch da draußen!
Ja, ich weiß, schon wieder ein Gastfamilienbrief. Aber ich wäre euch sehr vebunden, wenn ihr euch denn mal durchlesen könntet und mir Verbesserungsvorschläge gebt. Vielen lieben Dank Zwinker
Also vor allem inhaltliche Verbesserungsvorschläge :)

Dear Host Family,

first of all I want to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to live in the USA and to be a part of your family. In this letter I want to tell you about myself, my family and my life so that you have a first impression of me.

My name is Hannah and I´m 15 years old. I live in a house with a big yard in a small village with around 200 inhabitants in Northern Germany. I would describe myself as very open-minded, self-confident, responsibly, friendly and humorous person. But when I meet new people I need time to warm up and then I´m very talkative.

My family consists of my mom xxx, my dad xxx, my little brother xxx (he is yy years old), my sister xxx (she is yy years old) and myself. My mom works as a school social worker in my old elementary school. This is funny because some of her colleagues were my former teachers. My dad is also a social worker and he helps teenagers with difficult problems. The both already know themselves since the school and they are married for ten years now. I have a good relationship to my siblings and my parents. My parents always want the best for me and if I have a problem they would help me. They´re all very important for me because they always support me also with my dream to live a year in the USA.
We have lots of pets, two dogs (Knut and Lotte), three cats (Frida, June and Puffel) and an aquarium with fishes. I really like them and so it definitely wouldn´t be a problem if you have pets.

Since five years I´m attending a german Gymnasium near my hometown with around 1000 students which my brother attends too. At my school I learn the languages English, French and in the next school year I will learn Spanish. My school starts at 7:45 am (I have to get up at 6:30 am) and ends at 13:10 pm but twice a week I have lessons until 15:15 pm. I have different subjects every day but my favourite ones are art, math and history.

Now I would like to describe my hobbies. One of my hobbies are soccer. I play in a team since 7 years and I really like it. Our soccer games are mostly at the weekend and every Tuesday we have one and a half hours of training. Another hobby is basketball. I play at school with my classmates or at home with my friends because here isn´t a basketball team. So I would like to practice basketball when I´m in the USA. Besides one of my hobbies are cooking. I really like it to cook or to bake for my friends and my family. I would like to bake with you one of my favourite recipes namely “Zimtbuchteln”, a sweet yeast dumpling with cinnamon. At the weekend I often meet friends then we go to the cinema, eat ice, play cards, travel or relaxing together. That´s always fun because I know most since nine years and we always have a great time together. I love traveling and have already been to many countries like Italy, Greece, England and France. I have taken in a 10-day exchange with a French school with my school. That was such a great experience and one reason why I want to make a student exchange.
I´d like to help out with the household. At home I cook for my family, clear the table or feed our pets.

After I finished school I want make an Au pair year. And then I want to study maybe one year abroad. I have many ideas what I would like to study for example Archeologist or teacher but I think there is still enough time left do decide this.

During my exchange I want to learn more about the USA and the american way of life. The high school makes me also curious because there are other subjects and the school spirit. Besides I want improve my English skills and make new experiences.I´ve also heard that the church is very different in the USA and I would go to church with you if you do this regularly.
An exchange year has been my biggest dream for such a long time and I´m so happy that it will be real. I´m excited to become a part of your family!

Best regards,


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Der Text ist nahezu perfekt ! Ich habe keine Verbesserungsvorschläge 👍🏻😄

Hannah M. USA Ayusa-Intrax 2017/18
Hannah W. Großbritannien CAMPS 2016/17
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