Gastfamilienbrief :)

Kann mir jemand bitte sagen, ob das so in Ordnung ist und evtl. etwas korrigieren? Smily

Dear host family,

first of all thank you so much for opening your home to me and showing me such lovely hospitality. It really means so much to me to be part of your family and experience your way of living. In this letter I´d like to tell you something about myself and whom I live with.

I was born in Carinthia. It´s a small federal state in Austria and is located on the border of Italy. One day when my parents walked past an antique store, they could hear an employee calling for someone named „Sonja“. A young girl came downstairs and helped the employee. It was probably her daughter but nevermind, my parents never forgot the way this woman called her daughter´s name. With such a soft and calming voice. And that´s how I came to my name – Sonja.

Right now, I live together with my mother and my father in a cozy house close to the forest. My mom is a housewife but on thuesdays she volunteers for an organisation that delivers donations to refugees. My dad works for a company which sells valuable marble. It is his task to transport the rocks from one place to another. I also have a sister who works as a security-member. Since she already moved out, we don´t see each other that often but I am quite happy about that because we don´t get along well with each other.

My parents are incredibly kind, especially my mother. We can talk about everything and she is the first person I talk to if I have any problems. We have never had a serious fight. My dad often annoys me and we do have many arguments (I win in these arguments everytime :p) but even if he is mad at me, he still worries about me and never lets me down. I really love them :) We enjoy spending time together even if it´s just in front of the TV but we also love to travel or to go hiking on a mountain. Together with our crazy cat Miezinger and our two rabbits Knusper and Amor it never gets boring at home.

I attend an academic school with a focus on languages. I really love italian and english because I think that communication is quite important these days and especially those two languages are so easy to learn. My second favourite subjects are definitely psychology and biology. They are so related to each other but still different things. In the future I want to become an psychologist and that´s why I need to learn as much as possible about psychology and biology. Math is the only subject I am used to fail all the time but I am doing my best to fix this problem even though it´s incredible hard for me.

After a long school day I enjoy talking to my family but I often go for a long walk while taking beautiful pictures of the scenery and relaxing to calm music. I also love reading books. I have a huge shelf full of books in my room. And even though I don´t have that many friends (because I am truly shy and you are going to notice that) I still love to spend as much time as possbile with them. We often go to the cinema together, travel around Austria, have meals together or swim in the lake. My mother and I also took part in a Yoga-Group and we really loved going there because it was always fun to see how we failed to do the exercises. Due to the lack of time we had to skip the lessons but we will soon start again. With my best friend, I often attend different Anime&Manga-conventions since we both are fans of anime and manga. We love to meet new people and see new places.

As I already mentioned my dream is to become psychologist one day. But why? You know if a soccer-player has an accident and ends up being paraplegic, the only thing a doctor is able to tell him is the diagnosis. Well, a doctor only sees a wounded body but a psychologist sees a mental-damaged human. At the age of 10 I started getting heavy migraine attacks that prohibited me from going to school. So my doctor sent me to a psychologist after not being able to find the cause and the psychologist managed to help me. I started to grow interest in psychology and that is why I once asked the psychologist to tell me everything about his profession. With my 10 years I started to see things differently because of that and I eventually came across the idea to help people who´s wounds cannot be seen. But before I start studying psychology I think I´ll travel around the world, meet new people and learn some languages. I still have a lot of time.

Have I already told you the reason why I want to go to Estonia or why I want to go on an exchange? I don´t think so. Well, how am I supposed to start? I thought about going on an exchange like two years ago but my parents were totally against it. After spending two weeks in England and living in a hostfamily, the idea of going abroad grew even bigger inside of me and I also managed to convince my parents. The next problem was to find a country that seemed interesting and suitable for me and that was probably the most difficult task ever. I don´t know why I ended up choosing Estonia. It seemed so small and nice. A beautiful language that is spooken by a bit more than a million people. It´s not too far away from Austria but not too close so I can return anytime. Breathtaking sceneries and a mentality that is completely different from the one in Austria. I think I can make many unique memories there.

Through the exchange I hope to become a different person. I want to be more open-minded and self-confident. I don´t want to be the shy, little girl – I want to be a mature woman.

So many people travel to the USA or to Canada but you don´t have to travel 20.000 km to reach a place with a different culture. 2.000 km are also enough.

I cannot wait to hear from you and to be a part of your lovely family!


Sonja M. Estland YFU-AT 2016/17
Gastfamilienbrief :)
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