Dear Host Family Letter

Hallo ihr Lieben,

Ich bin noch ganz neu hier. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn ihr euch mal meinen Brief an die potentielle Gastfamilie durchlesen könntet und ggf. verbessert.
Vielen Dank!

First of all I want to thank you so much for reading my letter to you.
Don’t stop now- maybe I am the one you’re looking for! 

My name is ****, I’m a 15-year-old girl and I live in *** ,
in the very North of Germany, near the Danish border . Since the beginning of 2009 I’m living with my father, who is a *** for engine systes at the „ ***“ , where ships are build. He‘s often in other countries, most in Italy and Turkey, caused by his work. He is 55 years old. When he was younger he wanted to live in america – so he had the same dream like me now. Let’s talk about my mother. She’s a 45-year-old ***t at the community hospital in ***. In the last years she developed to something like a „neurolgy specialist“ and since the last year she works exclusively at the stroke-unit. Since 2008 she’s living together with a new partner, in another part of Flensburg.
They are going to marry in october , so I’ll get a younger step sister. Apart from that I don’t have any bothers or sisters. Well, I’ve got an half-brother , the son of my father, but I don’t have that much contact with him. But by the way I have experiences with step-brothers, because earlier partners of my mother brought them into the relationship. However, I always wanted to have „real“ siblings. So if you have children I’d be pleased - if not that’s also fine. I think both sides have their advantages and disadvantages (like so often in life, am I right?).
At the moment I’m attending the 10th class of a secondary school called “***”, in my hometown. I like this school so much, my teachers are really nice, like my class-mates as well. I am very proud that I became the class representative this year. I like doing this job, because I think being able to take responsibility is a very important attribute, which in my opinion, I do have. My favorite subjects in school are English, Geography ( I think that has to be connected with that I love travelling so much!), History, biology (I have this subject and physics, too in English) and last but not least: Arts. I also like being creative in general, like drawing for example, and I’ve always been it. So I want my job to go into this direction.
I dream of moving in the United States and being a famous photographer and designer. Photography is a real big thing in my life. In the last 3 years this hobby kind of developed into a real passion, which I love to live out. Other hobbies are for example tennis, what I played nearly for 5 years in a sports club, but now irregular when I want to go for it. I also like swimming very much but I am not in a sports club. Another important part of me and my life are my friends. We are doing a lot of things together, any activities like driving with the train to another location in our environment (and miss the connecting train) and something like that. Or just visit each other at home to talk (and laugh!) a lot. Anyway we always have fun, and that’s what matters. Most of my friends I got to know in school. With some of them I visit
the school choir for older students. Most we’ve got 4 performances in one school year. Among these performances there’s also a musical and I played some different roles in the last ones. The choir is every Friday in the 7th lesson, like many other school clubs. That’s because at most of the days we’ve got 6 or 7 lessons. That means my school day is from 07:45 am until 01:00 pm or 02:00 pm. At some days that can feel very long and on other days very short. Depends on the subjects. But what is the best on the school life? Yes, vacation of course . When I think about my vacations I notice that I was abroad every year. I’ve been in Italy, Norway, Denmark, France, Spain, Turkey, Austria, and and and… But the best vacation I’ve ever had were the last two ones, because they had been in the USA. My mother, her future husband, his daughter and me went there together. Last year it was the first time for me in the United States of America. From the first moment in this country I was sure that I’m going to live there sometime. Well, it had been clear for me also before I went there but after standing on American ground no one could ever dissuade me from realizing my dream - living in this amazing country. An exchange, maybe to you, is the right thing for me. I want to feel the American way of life just like real Americans could feel it.
I experienced the Americans like very tolerant and friendly people. They are so much more open-minded and easy going than other people I met. It was really refreshing for my mind when I’ve been there. My opinion is, being open-minded and without any prejudices, is so important for our association. I would assess myself as a human with this characteristics.
So I don’t have any problems when I talk to strangers, or should I say potential new friends? Anyway I really love to meet new people. I advance the view that
Travel broadens the mind. Get to know new people and with them new opinions and experiences can be very helpful, while you’re going through your life. So I think that sounds like an year abroad can show you so much – and broadens your mind.
I hope that you could give me this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Thank you again for reading my letter and I hope we’ll see each other soon !

Dear Host Family Letter
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