Hallo Tamara,

in dem überarbeiteten Brief waren noch einige Fehler, darum habe ich nochmal kurz über den korrigierten Brief drüber geschaut und noch einiges korrigiert, was mir noch aufgefallen ist. Sicher sind noch immer kleine Fehler dabei, aber man muss ja auch keinen grammatikalisch perfekten und stilistisch hochwertigen Brief abliefern!

Dear host family,

first of all, thank you for reading my letter and spending some time on getting to know me better. I hope the following lines will give you an impression of me and my life in Germany and of my my reasons to spend six months in the USA.

So far I have travelled the USA twice and have been to California and Florida. Now I would like to stay in the USA for a longer time. Improving my english is, of course, one of my reasons but it is not the only one; I'd really like to experience a different culture, get to know different habits and a different lifestyle and get a new view on life.

But now some facts about me: In general I am quite open to new situations but sometimes I`m a little bit shy in unknown situations.
Sport is quite important to me. I have been doing gymnastics since I was a little girl. Moreover I enjoy horse vaulting and horseback riding. I recently started snowboarding and enjoy it a lot. I also do swimming regularly but I think about stopping that and starting tennis. I also love reading, watching good films, listening to music, relaxing in the sun, humor, cooking... I am also interested in architecture. I also like to travel a lot and spend at least one holiday a year in Switzerland.

I live in a small village near Lake XXXX in the very south of Germany. I go to school in a town about three kilometres away from my home town. From there one has the best view onto the lake and in summer one can even go swimming during the lunchbreak. My favourite subjects at school are chemistry, history, English and social studies.
After finishing school I would like to become a lawyer.

My best friend is Kathi, we get along well because we are just at the same wavelength. I often talk to her in English because she spent five years in the USA and can speak English fluently.

I also have to older siblings, XXXX and XXXXX, who attend university. I am happy to have them because I could learn a lot from them. If I have problems at school I can talk to my sister, if I struggle with my computer I can ask my brother. Of course the sometimes they make jokes about me but this has made me more self-confident and has helped me not to take everything too serious. My childhood would not have been so funny without them; my brother loves kidding other people and being ironical.
At home I have to clean my room and the bathroom and sometimes I bake or cook.

I also like animals and love my pet, a cat called Lilly.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Lots of love, Tamara

Vielleicht sind einige Korrekturen noch hilfreich.

Viele Grüße und schon mal viel Spaß in den USA,


T. S.
Emilia A. USA WWQ 2014/15
T. S.
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