Ich habe korrigiert, was mir aufgefallen ist. Sicher sind noch immer einige Fehler darin, aber es ist nicht nötig, einen grammatikalisch perfekten Gastfamilienbrief zu schreiben.

Viele Grüße und viel Erfolg bei der Gastfamiliensuche,


Dear host family,

first of all, I would like to thank you for taking some time to read my letter. In the following lines I want to tell you something about me. My name is XX and I was born on the xxth of October 19xx in Germany. I live in XX, a small town in the northwest of Germany, close to North Sea, together with my parents. We live in a house with a big garden, near the city centre. I have two older sisters, Christina and Elisa, 26 and 24 years old. Also I have three nephews – Nick (4 years old), Noah (3 years old) and Ben (1 year old) – and my niece Haylie (one year).
At the moment I attend a professional school to become a nursery school teacher. In Summer 2015 that I would like to go to the USA as an au pair. It is a great chance for me to see experience a foreign culture and improve my English. I think it is great to be an au pair because one can learn a lot about the way of life, about the people and about yourself. I would like to know about your daily life and would be very happy to be a part of your family.
Afterwards I would like to work at a children`s hospital. In my opinion it is very interesting to work with medicine and children at once. I love to help people, especially to help children to recover.

In my spare time I like to meet friends. My best friends are Darleen, Celina and Anki. They are very important to me and we have a lot of fun together. I like to go swimming or inline skating , too. And very often I enjoy to read an interesting fantasy book . Sometimes I read all day long if the book is exciting.
I spend very much time with kids. I like to go outside with my nephews and my niece in all weathers. I really enjoy watching them laughing. My sisters and I get a long with each other very well. We enjoy playing billiard or go swimming together.
I`ve got two mice, their names are „Opa Gerke“ and „Baumann“. I would be very happy if you owned pets, too.

I have a driver licence since July 2014. Every day I drive about 20 kilometers to school and back home. I am a very careful driver, particularly together with children.

My friends and my family would discribe me as a friendly and helpful girl. I am very responsible, and honesty and empathy are very important to me, too. I am very open-hearted and willing to learn new things.
I would like to thank you for welcoming me and giving me the chance to get to know daily life in the USA. I hope I will become a member of your family. I would love to be a big sister for one year and gain new experiences.

S. J.
X Schließen