Also ich finde, du musst nicht das Alter all deiner Verwandten nennen, sondern den Platz lieber anderweitig nutzen, um z.B. etwas darüber zu schreiben, was ihr in der Familie gerne zusammen tut. Vielleicht kannst du auch noch etwas darüber schreiben, wieso du dich gerade für die USA interessierst.

Du hast beim Schreiben oft "zu deutsch" gedacht! Smily In der korrigierten Version waren noch einige Fehler, ich habe die Version also noch einmal kurz überflogen. Du kannst ja selbst entscheiden, was davon du übernehmen möchtest.

My name is *****, right now I´m ***years old. I was born on 1st of October *****.
First of all I want to describe my family. My father,****, works in a Ritter Sport Factory (that's chocolate by the way), my mother, ***, works as a coach at our local gym. I have four siblings. Two brothers, one older, one younger and two sisters both are older than me. My older brother, ****, is 24 years old, my younger brother, ****, is 14 years old. My oldest sister, ****, is 30 years and has a daughter, ****. My niece is 6 years old. My other sister, ****; is 28 years old. There is another member of our family: our cat Mimi. With my parents and my brothers I live in *****;***** is a town in the south of Germany.
Now I want to introduce myself. I attend Waldorf School in ****, *** class . My favorite subjects at school are biology, arts and English. School starts at 7:50 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m. Three times a week I have school till 15:15 p.m. After school I do my homework and learn for school. In my free time I read a lot, I love playing the guitar and listening to music. One of my favorite bands is a German band with the funny name “Wise Guys”. Apart from that I often meet friends, especially at the weekend. We go to the movies, go shopping or just talk and laugh. During the holidays I love to travel and discover other countries. I has been a member of the Boy Scouts since I was seven years old and it is my biggest hobby. For some time past I have my own scout group with five girls who are 14 to 16 years old. We meet every Friday and spend time together. During vacation I often attend scout camps. To earn some money I do some cleaning as a “part-time-job”, and now and then I do babysitting.
I would really love to go to the USA. I think it’s a great opportunity to gain new experiences. I want to improve my English and speak more fluently. and learn more about the American culture and “the American way of life”.

Viele Grüße,


L. L.
Elna S. Kanada DFSR 2013/14
C. S.
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