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Kann den Text bitte jemand lesen und mir noch tipps geben. bin nicht so gut in englisch, deshalb sehr unsicher. DANKE

Dear host family

First of all I would like to thank you for welcoming me in your family for almost one year and giving me the chance of getting to know how an American family lives. I chose America as my exchange country because I’m very interested in American history, the various landscapes of America, the different people living there and of course American High Schools. To get to know me a little bit better I will now tell you some things about me, my hobbies and my family.

My name is Jacqueline, I’ve just turned 17 , I’m 1.75m (5.74feet) tall and I live in Hamelin, a nice town in Lower Saxony which is famous for the pipe piper fairy tale.
When I was just born my family, that’s my mother Isolde, a housewife, my father Werner, who works as a teacher and my brother Frédéric who is eight years older than me and goes to college in Zweibrücken, we moved to Klein Berkel a lovely suburb of Hamelin. We now live in a nice house with a big garden. I still have pets but only an aquarium. My mother is at home and takes care for house and garden. She worked as a pharmacy assistant before my brother was born. My father works as a teacher. Sometimes it’s a hard job.

I think that I’m an open-minded person who can be as funny as serious, is honest and somebody people can rely on, somebody who likes long conversations is interested in many things, e.g. other religions, politics, foreign countries.

Since September 2006 I attend 10th grade of Schiller-Gymnasium in Hamelin. My school starts at 8 am and usually ends at 1 pm. One lesson lasts 45 minutes and we have two breaks, of 15 minutes. Two times a week we have lesson till 3.30 pm. I join a bilingual class that means history, politics and sports are taught in English language. My favourite subjects are history, geography, maths and politics, the subjects I like least are chemistry and French, I sometimes have problems with it, but it's ok. Well nobody's perfect. After school I sometimes meet with my friends to go shopping. My favourite activities are chatting with my friends, listening to audio books and to quite all kind of music. I like very much painting doing artwork projects and tinker. Since I attend team leader training of Lutheran church I love to work with our kids group singing, playing, tinkering and show the hands-on way to god.
In my free time I also give extra tuition to a boy. The money I earn by tuition I save for my driver licence.

One of my favourite activity when I have vacation is travelling. I have already been to Sweden 2005 at youth summer camp and to Switzerland for a paragliding training this year. I have also been to Berlin in September 2006. Sometimes I went on holidays together with my dad, e.g southern Bavaria and some more.

The reason why I want to spend a year in the USA is that I want to get more independent, improve my English, meet new people, get to know how an American family lives and be a member of this family.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and I will do my best to become my year in the USA good for you and me

Greetings from Germany


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Brief an Gasteltern- korrektur
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