Bitte :)

My name is *****, right now I´m ***years old. I was born on 1st October *****.
First of all I want to describe my family. My father,****, works in a Ritter Sport Factory (that's chocolate by the way), my mother, ***, works as coach at our local gym. I have four siblings. Two brothers, one older, one younger and two sisters both are older than me. My older brother, ****, is 24 years old, my younger brother, ****, is 14 years old. My oldest sister, ****, is 30 years and she has a daughter, ****, my niece is 6 years old. My other sister, ****; is 28 years old. There is another member of our family: our cat Mimi. With my parents and my brothers I live in *****;***** is a university town in the south of Germany.
Now I want to introduce myself. I attend the Waldorf School in **** and now I am in class **. My favorite subjects in school are Biology, Art and English. School starts at 7:50 a.m. and end at 13:00 p.m. Three times a week I have school till 15:15 p.m. After school I´m doing my homework and study for school. In my free time I read a lot, I love to play the guitar and listening to music. One of my favorite bands is the German band with the funny name “Wise Guys”. Apart from that I often meet friends especially at the weekend. We go to the cinema, go shopping or just talk and laugh. On the holidays I love to travel and discover other countries. I am a member of the Boy Scouts since I was seven years old and it is my biggest hobby. Since a while I have my own scout group with 5 girls between 14-16 years. We meet every Friday and spend time together. During vacation I often go to scout camps. To make money I do some cleaning as a "part-time-job" and now and then I babysit.
I would really love to go to the US. I think it’s a great opportunity to make many new experiences. I want to improve my English to speak more fluently. But not only this. I want to learn more about the American culture and “the American way of life”

Hi :)

Ich bin jetzt seit fünf Monaten in Kanada und was mir hier gesagt wurde, ist, dass es sehr gut ankommt, wenn man den ganzen Brief sehr persönlich macht, Dein Brief ist super und hatte kaum Fehler doch ich würde noch ein bisschen mehr "Liebe zum Detail" reinstecken. Das ist nur ein Tipp, du könntest den Brief auch so abschicken, wie ich ihn gerade korrigiert habe. Vielleicht hast du dir ja auch noch mehr Arbeit mit einer Bidercollage gemacht. Ich weiß ja nicht alles.

Viel Spaß in dem USA :)

L. L.
Elna S. Kanada DFSR 2013/14
Bitte :)
C. S.
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