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Application for hostfamily ( korrekturen?)

Hey an alle,
ich mache nächstes Jahr mein Austauschjahr und muss nun meine hostfamily application abschicken. Ich wollte fragen ob vielleicht mal rüber geschaut werden könnte ob es vielleicht noch korrekturen gibt. Bin nämlich nicht ganz sicher ob das so richtig ist und ob es noch sachen gibt die man hinzufügen kann. Danke schon mal im vorraus :D

Dear future hostfamily,

first of all, I want to thank you for reading my letter and spending time on getting to know me better. We never met - so in the following lines I give you some impressions of me, my life in germany and why I want to do an exchange year in the USA.

My name is Pia, I´m currently fourteen years old, next year at the begining of my exchange year I will be fifteen and in october finally sixteen. If my friends would describe me in a few words they would say I´m an open minded, spontaneous, optimistic person who loves to laugh. A thing I don´t like about myself is my fear of some spiders and wasps but I think I´m not the only one that has a fear of that.

I´m living together with my mother xxx, my stepfather xxx, my sister xxx and my pets, Daisy (the dog) and my two cats Elfie and Hera.
My sister is the best sister I ever could imagine, she always laughs together with me about funny things and she do anything with me. My dad and my mother are divorced but they are still very good friends and I´m very happy about that. We live in a apartment 30 minutes away from the center in my city.

At home I have to do some household things, like cleaning the dishwasher, go out for a walk with my dog and feed the cats. My sister and I share our household so that we both do something at home.

As well I have some hobbies that I love to do. One of them is Vaulting on a horse, it´s doing gymnastic directly on the top of the horse. I also love to go running, sometimes on a little island here. I especially love to go to some cafes with some friends here in my city. We always do funny things.

I worked as a volunteer at a pet shelter near my city last year in December. I cleaned the boxes and worked together with the dogs to let them back to new owners, some of them are mentally broken so they have to get back to the normal behavior. It was fun to work there with so many different animals because I love animals.

In my future life I want to travel around the world to learn something new about different cultures and people around the world. At first I have to graduate my Highschool- I´m going to be in advanced level after my exchange to study after School. I really don´t have a explicit plan for my future career, maybe after my exchange I will know better what I want to be.

Now I want to tell you why I want to do an exchange and why I want to do the exchange in the USA. I alway wanted to go to the USA since I was a little child because an old friend lived there for a few years and told me such cool things about the country. A few months ago I heard from an exchange program where you can go to a hostfamily, be a family member and go to a real Highschool to experience the real ´´american dream´´. I thought about the advantages and the disadvantages and I defnitly found more advantages to do an exchange year. I would love to see the different culture, get to know new people, learn better english, bring german culture closer and becoming a new member in your family. It would be great if I learn something new about your family and the special traditions. I know it´s not a matter of course that you give me a home for 10 months, so I´m very thankful if you want to let me in ur family and your everyday life

I´m very excited about getting to know your family and the culture over there.

Thank you for reading my letter and spending your time getting to know me better

pia P. AIFS 2021/22
Application for hostfamily ( korrekturen?)
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