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L. M.


1. What country are you from?

2. What country is/ was your exchange country?

3. What were your reasons/ intentions of going on an exchange?
I wanted to face a totally new challenge and go on an adventure I couldn't plan.

4. Did you experience a culture shock when you first arrived in your exchange country?
Yes, it was very hard.

5. What difficulties did you face during your stay?
At the beginning I lived with a hostfamily that had very different beliefs and values than I have and I lived in the forest and felt isolated.

6. What were the best experiences you made?
Definitely drama club, school sports and New York

7. Did you have a problem with the cultural differences?
Yes, Americans are very surfaced people.

8. Were you able to fully understand your host country’s behavior and adapt to their culture?
I'm getting better at smalltalk because everybody does it here.

9. Did others accept your cultural background or got offended by some of your actions?
Yes and no

10. Could you live in your host country for a longer period of time after your exchange?
I think I could but I'd prefere to live in a bigger city or at the beach.

11. What did you expect exchange to be like?

12. Did your host family or friends share their culture with you?
Yes they do. They show me the different food, animals and they tell me a lot about what's special here

13. Did others ask you to answer questions concerning your home country and culture?
Yes, they were very interested especially at the beginning.

14. Would you do it again or recommend it to others?
I would but only for 6 months and not for 10.

15. Did your expectations get fulfilled?
Until now they didn't. I'm three months here now.

L. M.
Marie S. USA YFU-DE 2015/16
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